I needed this.
More than I can say.
Thank you.
For this image.
And these words.

my worth is so much more than the size of my pants.
Or shoulders.
And even greater than my red blotches all over my skin.
MY worth.
MY well being.
Is stitched into the very fabric of time.
And it sits securely,
fastened to my past,
tethered to my future.



  1. I just stumbled across your episode of Extreme Weight Loss and I am so glad you keep a blog and reflect, even after all this time! Although I have a lot less to lose, the mindset I had while growing up was very similar to yours and watching you go down a journey of healing from your family past and depression was the most inspiring part of your story, to me.

    I understand it's not going to be a smooth ride after the weight loss, but to see you continuing to take life by the reins regardless of what you've been through and think of yourself is amazing! Please remember that you're awesome and you deserve to fully enjoy life and shoot for your dreams. C:


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