New Attitude :)

I'm slowly updating this - though - I'm not in love with this backdrop - but for now - there is so much I want to say about the scale.

And how letting go of it...
has been my greatest accomplishment.

Numbers in general...
depicting my self worth.

Or my beauty.

We matter.
We are loved.
And no number on any scale has ever told me that.


  1. So... I was pulling up episodes of Extreme Weight Loss for inspiration, as I have finally begun to get serious about losing 100+ pounds. I watched your episode, thinking that the locale looked really familiar - Then I saw the corner where the Munich House is... LOL Then I read that you were in Les Mis... which I saw and you were wonderful... and Sue C. is a longtime friend. My mind is blown. Thanks for your story, it inspired me :)

    1. Gracious, the world is so small. Les Mis was right after we wrapped finale. I had never done theater before than and wanted to try :) Everything was local, except at the end when they filmed us out to dinner in Philly and captioned it - Chicopee :)

  2. I hope your doing well, and this message finds you happy, healthy, and whole. Just saw your episode on EWL and was very inspired. Reading through some of your blog posts was even more inspiring as it reminded me a lot of some of my own inner struggles. It also shows all you had to overcome personally and how far you've come... you have so much to be proud of! We indeed do matter...i think sometimes we don't realize just how much. Keep shining!! :)

    1. Thanks for this very sweet comment. You're a gem. We all amazingly beautiful works in progress. AMIRIGHT?!


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