Products I ♥

1.) Dasani Water Drops
  •  Drinking two gallons of water a day can get pretty boring.  Calorie free flavor keeps things interesting and you can change the flavor when things get too much the same.
2.) Chris Powell Bode Protein Shake
  •  In all honesty, I do drink two protein shakes a day.  Sometime three.  Chris' shake is my high carb day heaven.  Sometimes, I'll even stir in a little coconut milk greek yogurt.  Yum!
3.) Vemma Bode Burn
  • Two of these fast bad boys a day.  One first thing in the morning before my work out and as my third meal pick me up.  I think they're great - certainly an acquired taste - but I think they're delicious.
4.) SFH Pure Whey Protein
  • On my non carb or low carb days, I use this delicious, DELICIOUS alternative powder.  Just one cup of Vanilla Almond Milk and a scoop and I'm good to go.  Add a little extra?  Four cups of spinach and 1/2 a banana!
5.) Smooth Move Tea
  • Okay, let's be honest: there were a few times this year when things stopped moving, ehem, properly.  Smooth Move became a natural alternative.  Mr. Richard Morris also hooked me up with a great pro biotic that will soon grace this page.  Stay.  Regular.
6.) Roasted Seaweed Snack
  • Obsessed.  Regular and Wasabi.  Delicious.  60 calories in the entire container.  Sold. 
7.) Trader Joe's Brand Unsweetened Vanilla Flavored Almond Milk
  • This link brings you to another brand, another delicious version.  I'm a stickler for the refrigerated version and go through a box every two days.  
8.) Emerald 100 Calorie Packs - Natural Almonds
  • I don't get a lot of fats from the proteins and carbs that I eat.  They are mostly natural fats found in the actual food, not the processing.  I don't eat peanut butter.  So, I can get a little extra fat when needed with delcious, UNSALTED nuts.  Healthy Fat. 
9.) Mrs. Dash Table Blend
  • No salt.  Table Blend is pretty much how I function.  On salmon.  On eggs.  On cauliflower.  On life.
10.) RealFlex Reebok
  • I have these in a style I don't think they make anymore.  It's a fabric.  It's amazing.  I wear them EVERYWHERE.  I can't wait to design my own Reebok and have a pair to run in and crossfit in.
11.) Shaklee Vitalizer for Women
  • Changed.  My.  Life.  Low iron had plagued my life.  One week on Shaklee and my entire world changed.  More energy.  More pep in my step.  No episodes of low iron.  Just amazing.  I strip a day makes time for play.  AND if you want some of this goodness, click that link and connect with JACQUI from Season 2.  She's pretty incredible.  
12.) Kale
  • I make a mean kale salad.  Check out my upcoming recipes to enjoy some apple cider vinegar goodness.
13.) Yogurt City Frozen Yogurt
  •  YUMMO!  My favorite reward day snack, hands down.  I can't eat a ton, but their pistachio with a little teaspoon of graham cracka' on top.  Delicious.  You'll find me here on any given Monday.  West Springfield one, friends, come join!
14.) Knee High Socks
  •  I could care less where you buy them, just buy the.  My trainers Joli and Ken bought me my first pair - they say "Warrior WOD" and I LOVE THEM.  Alana got me ones that say "WARRIOR" for aboslutely no reason at all, except that she's awesome.  Jacqui and Miss Trina got me some for Christmas.  And I just ordered about 30 pair form this site.  Addicted.
15.) Oat Fit
  • High carb day, you say?  Delicious.  Gluten free, lower sugar.  Easy.  So easy.  Nuke for 90 seconds and enjoy the seeded goodness.
16.) Foam Rollers
  • Love.  Need.  Love.  The Mr. Richard Morris is pretty ridiculously amazing.  His recommendation for a PT program post my injury was amazing, this roller saved my legs.  Get one.  Roll it out.
17.) Starbucks Refreshers (Strawberry Lemonade)
  • Indulge without feeling guilty, much.  60 calories, a little sugar.  And a delicious treat with Green Tea extract.  Yum!
18.) Cross Fit Firestorm.
  • Obsessed.  I call this gym home, and the people inside family.  You want the best box in all of the US.  It's right here in Western, MA.  Ken, Joli, Jen, John, Hawk, and Jester are some of the best trainers in the entire universe.  Much love.


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